About Us

Founded in 2010 by Mike Kravetsky and Jared Paull, Reel Mensch Productions has been a versatile force in video production for almost 15 years. The company has always showcased its creative range, spanning from independent feature productions and television commercials to documentaries. Always at the forefront of innovation, Reel Mensch Productions continues to redefine diverse services and productioins such as wedding cinematography, real estate videos, live-event streaming, and more.

In 2013 when Reel Mensch Productions acquired ‘Crown Video,’ a media manufacturing company with a robust 30-year legacy. This marked the beginning of a new chapter as the company transitioned to a downtown studio location, evolving into Reel Mensch Studios—a comprehensive hub for video production and media manufacturing services.


Jared Paull
President and Head Producer at Reel Mensch Studio.

From his inaugural paid assignment at the tender age of 9, capturing a children’s performance of “Play It Again, Sam,” Jared has dedicated decades to delivering exceptional video production services to numerous organizations and individuals. Holding a degree in Film Studies from The University of Alberta, Jared, alongside business partner Mike Kravetsky, co-founded Reel Mensch Productions in 2010.

As the driving force behind every Reel Mensch Production today, Jared’s specialization lies in screenwriting, cinematography, and editing, as well as photography, showcasing a multifaceted skill set honed over years of dedication to the craft.

Our Cast & Crew:

Mike Kravetsky – Business Development
Jared Paull – Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer
Davi Cavanaugh – Photographer, Cinematographer
Bari Lavy – Cinematographer
Clayton Knoll – Live streaming & Webcasting Producer
Larry Theissen – Media manufacturing
Ian Armstrong (Wolf Willow Sound) – Sound
Chris Campbell – Safety Consultant