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Our Approach


Like a wedding, our service is extremely personalized. Some couples only want their ceremony covered with one camera. Some couples want three camera coverage starting in the morning, until late into the party. The first step is to get in touch, and tell us your schedule of events!

Once we find out how the day will play out, and what kind of budget we are hoping to stay within, we will offer some custom packages. Exactly the service you want, within the budget you can afford.

PACKAGE PRICES STARTING AT $499 – Get in touch to find out more

Our Most Popular Package

Romeo and Juliet Package $3499
Total coverage – 2 CAMERAS/OPERATORS
– Beginning anywhere from 9:00am until 10:00pm
– Camera 1: Coverage of Bride getting ready, including hair and make-up session as well as tying up the dress
– Camera 2: Coverage of Groom getting ready
– Both Cameras cover the following:
– First Look
– Detail shots inside and outside venue before the ceremony
– Full Ceremony
– Coverage of Photo session with photographer
– Full Reception coverage until 10:00pm
2-5min highlight video
Fully Edited final product (usually 2-3 hours), manufactured professional DVD package. 5 included.

*Reel Mensch Productions Inc. is open to any suggestion for subject matter or type of event

Professionally Manufactured DVDs

DVD is our preferred end product for Wedding Videos.  With DVD, you will have something to put up on the shelf that reminds you of you special event every time you look at it.  We manufacture these professional quality DVDs using either photos provided by your photographer, or our own screenshots.  For more information about our in-house DVD manufacturing, visit here:

The most important aspect to choosing a wedding videographer is trust. You need to trust that the company you choose has the right equipment, experience, and know how to capture the day properly. You only get one shot, and there’s no retakes.


“Reel Mensch were consummate professionals from beginning to end. Jared was enthusiastic, full of ideas himself, and excited about incorporating the things we expressed as important. They were very reassuring that they could handle all the details of creating a great product within our specified budget. During the wedding day itself everything was taken care of, and it was very relaxing for us to know that so many of the details of our wedding were being captured. The final product was everything we'd hoped for, we'll be watching it every anniversary for sure. We honestly thought it was the best investment of the wedding”

— Mitch & Megan

“When you hire Reel Mensch for your wedding, you want them to stay and enjoy dinner with you afterwards...And then you want to invite them over to the family BBQ the next day because they are so wonderful. They are very fair and very reliable. We are so happy with our finished product and glad that we found a company like them to work with us”

— Anna & Devon

“Really easy to work with Jared, he was very thoughtful and took the time to make sure he would put together a video that represented us. Also super easygoing the day of the wedding! The video was ready and easy to set up for the reception, we didn't have to worry about a thing. Our guests loved the video and we are so happy we decided to include it on our wedding day.”

— Mike & Jillian

“I chose to go with Reel Mensch because of how accommodating you were to give me what I had envisioned and keeping my budget in mind, and really after I had our first meeting I loved the passion, how down to earth they were, and their vision of the details. We couldn't have been happier with the service we received from Jared and his team. Right from the beginning Jared responded to my emails very promptly, and when we had our first meeting I was welcomed very warmly. I was shown what they can do and was asked what I was the most important moments to me that he should capture, which he exceeded my expectations. On the day of the team was able to be there at almost every moment without being in the way or even noticeable. When we received the copies I loved everything from the cover to the credits. Every time I watch it I notice something else I didn't see the times before. I really can't say enough about what an amazing job Reel Mensch did.”

— Bob & Sheila

We chose Reel Mensch because you guys didn't give us any random package but you made it OUR package. You were very easy to talk to.

— Andrew & Melissa


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